Bruno Mars Calls out Fan In Brooklyn Concert



Peter Gene Henandez commonly known by his stage show name Bruno Mars  is an American singer, song  writer and record producer. He has a family background of musicians. At a very young age Bruno Mars started doing his stage shows. After his graduation, he moved to Los Angeles for pursuing his musical career.

One Saturday night on his stage show at Barlays Centre while   Bruno Mars was busy singing romantic slow jam  “ If  I knew” he  halted unexpectedly for a comic movement. He had an eye to eye stare at a lady sitting in the  front  row  by the name India and offered his intention to sing for this lucky lady. He with his unique Hawaiian  style  acknowledged  and  began his song named” R & B 101” after introducing himself to the lady and started with words “ I’m the guy on the ticket”.

This marks Mars’s  down  to earth attitude towards his fans. His talent as a musician is more than enough to admire him. Just with two albums to his name ( recently  “Unorthodox Juke box” of 2012) he has already made a mark in the world of pop music.

The technique with which Bruno Mars shifts the styles and genres is effortless.  In the first hour, his mix of styles starts from disco-funk licks of “Treasure” to  Jamaican  rhythms called reggae of “ Show Me” to a heavy notes of “Runaway Baby” in a spur of moment .His unique ability is like an iPod with which  Mars shuffles between the songs of  Barrett Strong’s “Money(That’s What I Want)”, Ginuwine’s pony and  small notes of Prince’s “Purple Rain” with great ease.


It is Mars who is the whole and soul  behind  the show, but it is the team effort and coordination of the members of his band is behind its success . The eight member band comprises not  just  people who are hired by him but are his best friends who are dancers and rappers who share the best on stage chemistry. The unity among them is seen on the fact that all wear same red suits, leopard –skin vests and gold chains. This resembles the pimp culture usually seen in New York  as  they  started playing  “Shaft”.

The major success comes from the show of new wave rock song “Locked Out of Heaven”.  It is a feather in his cap. This is not only Mars best tunes but has become the great pop songs of the decade. Even after being criticised by many critics that this song has Police being mostly referred, it is rocking all over by making people dance  to its  tunes .  Mars acknowledges the love for his fan following by throwing the golden glitters into the crowd and by performing his drum solo.

Bruno Mars is a performer and entertainer in true sense as his show is a complete package of humour, catchy and rhythmic songs. One cannot get away with Mars’s mesmerising music which will make a mark not only on  ones’s   mind but also on one’s soul.  Tonight Mars  is  going to  rock in Prudential Centre Newark with his performance.


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