Florida Georgia Line Concert Reviews have been mixed for the young Band


Florida Georgia Line has become one of the hottest bands in country music. The Country Duo of Brian Kelly and Tyler Hubbard have been touring the united states for the past few months and you might be surprised at the feedback some fans have been giving from the shows.

While some fans are enjoying the Bruno Mars covers, guest appearances by Rapper Nelly, and old school 90’s cover songs during the FGL (Florida Georgia Line) concerts, others are not as accepting to this new evolution of country concert. The more traditional country fans have ripped FGL on message boards and Facebook threads all over the country. They have found it to be an insult to country music. Below are some reviews and threads that have been posted from around the web.

Florida Georgia Line Fan Reviews – Ticketmaster

3 / 5
Classic Amphitheatre – Richmond, VA  – Thu, Aug 29, 2013
Posted 09/11/2013 by Anonymous
When they played their own stuff it was great, but they played a lot of not-country covers (Bruno Mars, Akon, Nelly, etc.). I don’t wanna hear that at an FGL concert.
 2 / 5
Classic Amphitheatre  – Richmond, VA – Thu, Aug 29, 2013
Posted 09/07/2013 by Anonymous
Florida Georgia Line not ready for prime time Colt Ford should have been the headline
Opening act(s): Colt Ford simply put Awesome
5 / 5
Classic Amphitheatre  – Richmond, VA  – Thu, Aug 29, 2013
Posted 09/05/2013 by Concertfellow
Hands down the best concert I have gone to. This is a great upcoming band, colt ford did a great job
The more shocking, and yet not surprising, part of the chatter around the FGL concerts has been the bands guest appearance by rapper Nelly. The Facebook Comment boards posted on a Tasteofcountry.com article has shown tremendous amounts of backlash toward the band. Stemmed from what appears to be blatant racism and a fear of losing their traditional country values, these “fans” have made it known that they do not support FGL in their decisions. One individual went as far as to say “This is why I cant stand these jerks!”
So, is a Florida Georgia Line Concert right for you? I guess that all depends on how you feel about the bands new style and direction it is taking with its country music.

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