America’s Got Talent Leaves 6 Contestants Remaining


Well, after watching the finale of America’s Got Talent Show on Tuesday evening, Sept. 17, 2013,  I think that America got it right! Actually, every performance at the finale was very good, which really made it hard to decide who to vote for. The remaining final six contestants were Forte, Taylor Williamson, Collins Key, Cami Bradley, Kinechi Ebina and Jimmy Rose. Forte, the opera trio, gave me goosebumps. Excellent performances from these three men who actually just met not long ago. Hilarious comedian Taylor Williamson just kept everyone laughing throughout the night by including the judges in his humor. Magician Collins Key was amazing, especially being just 17 years old, keeping the audience glued to his performance! Cami Bradley gave a stellar performance for both her songs taking an ordinary song like ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ and making it her own. Dancer/artist Kinechi Ebina was fantastic and has such original and unique talent. Jimmy Rose, the country singer, was the only performance that I really wasn’t thrilled with. I was surprised and disappointed that he was in the top three. I found that the other contestants had much better performances, but thats why there is a vote from all of America! In the end, Kinechi Ebina was the winner of $1 million and will prepare to headline his own show in Las Vegas. The other contestants placed as follows, with Taylor Williamson second, Jimmy Rose third, Forte fourth, Collins Key fifth and Cami Bradley sixth.


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